Pressurised disinfestation

What is CARVEX?

The pressurised CO2 disinfestation process works at ambient temperature and pressures of up to 30 bar. The material to be treated is put in sacks into specially designed disinfestation chambers. After the chamber is closed, it is filled with gaseous CO2 until the desired pressure is reached. After the exposure period has elapsed, the pressure in the chamber is released and the material removed.

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Pressurised disinfestation

What is pressurised disinfestation?

Raw ingredients for food, as well as tobacco, herbal teas and medicines, are almost always infested by insects and/or their larvae or eggs. Particularly when products are stored for longer periods, insect pests in stored products can cause financial losses and microbial contamination or may even render entire batches unusable.

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Pressurised disinfestation

The CARVEX method

As a result of extensive research and development, and applying the method in plasma treatment, we have comprehensive knowhow of the areas of application and the effects on product quality. The CARVEX pressurised disinfestation process using natural carbon dioxide can be safely used in a large number of areas.

As different pests occur in the various areas of use, and the insects' resistance to the pressurised CO2 treatment varies, the process parameters have to be adapted to the type of insect pest occurring in the products to be treated.

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