Ecological disinfestation using the CARVEX process

The CARVEX pressurised disinfestation process using natural source carbon dioxide is safe, economic and ecologically compatible.

The CARVEX processes dispenses completely with the toxic gases usually used for this purpose. This means that it also meets the requirements of the German Hazardous Substances Regulation to prioritise the protection of human health and use less dangerous substances wherever possible.

CARBO Ökotech

The CARVEX process uses natural source carbon dioxide, familiar to us all as the refreshing bubbles in mineral water, carbonated soft drinks or beer, to eliminate insect pests. Carbon dioxide – CO2 – is exempt from declaration, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-flammable and inexpensive. Nowadays, it is used for inert gas packaging of a large range of foodstuffs due to its bacteriostatic and/or bactericidal effect. The CARVEX pressurised disinfestation process with safe carbon dioxide is based on decades of experience in protecting stored goods and in pest control.

The CARVEX process works at ambient temperature and pressures of up to 30 bar. Under these conditions, not only are insect pests such as weevils, tobacco beetles, rice flour beetles, flour beetles, meal moths etc. eliminated in the shortest possible time but their larvae and eggs are also destroyed. Overall, we have experience with more than 30 different pests from various areas of stored goods protection.

CARVEX Verfahren schont die Umwelt