What is CARVEX?

CARVEX is a member of the CARBO Group. It develops new process technologies for the foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries and builds the facilities required to implement them.

One such process is CARVEX pressurised disinfestation, which uses pressurised, natural CARBO CO2 to remove pests such as beetles, larvae, eggs, mites or maggots from dry natural products such as grains, herbal teas and medicinal drugs, seeds, baking and soup mixes, animal foodstuffs, cereals, nuts or spices. This process does not damage the products treated or leave residues.

This process is pioneering when compared with conventional methods using insecticides or toxic gases that are very harmful to people and the environment.

Process benefits

      • Does not leave residues or impair product
      • Toxicologically safe
      • Environmentally compatible
      • Highly effective
      • Easy to use
      • Improved occupational safety
      • Officially approved

Pressurised disinfestation prevents the kind of economic losses and damage to a company’s reputation that can result if pests are able to proliferate during storage and transport of foodstuffs and then reach the end user.

CARVEX does not just offer standard processes, but is committed in particular to the development of sustainable and ecologically compatible technologies. The CARVEX process using CARBO carbon dioxide is officially approved.