Using pressured carbon dioxide to eliminate insect pests and mites that damage stored products

As a result of extensive research and development, and applying the method in plasma treatment, we have comprehensive knowhow of the areas of application and the effects on product quality. The CARVEX pressurised disinfestation process using natural carbon dioxide can be safely used in a large number of areas.

The CARVEX process does not impair the product

As different pests occur in the various areas of use, and the insects' resistance to the pressurised CO2 treatment varies, the process parameters have to be adapted to the type of insect pest occurring in the products to be treated.

Impairment of the material can be prevented by selecting the correct process parameters. For example, a study of pressurised CO2 fumigation of medicines and herbal teas showed no change in the levels of the ingredients following treatment. When treating cereals with pressurised CO2, there was also no impairment of product quality. Baking quality and germination are not adversely affected.


  • Foodstuffs such as cereals and cereal products, grains, dried vegetables, confectionary, nuts or dried fruit.
  • Culinary herbs and spices
  • Herbal and fruit teas
  • Medicinal plants and pharmaceutical products
  • Raw tobacco and tobacco products
  • Animal feed
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