Pressurised disinfestation with natural source CARBO carbon dioxide

Pressurised disinfestation is not harmful to human health or the environment!

Raw ingredients for food, as well as tobacco, herbal teas and medicines, are almost always infested by insects and/or their larvae or eggs. Particularly when products are stored for longer periods, insect pests in stored products can cause financial losses and microbial contamination or may even render entire batches unusable.

Foodstuffs contaminated with insect pests are unappetising and unhygienic. At a time when sales are increasingly dependent on critically aware consumers and the retail market, the resale of infested products can have disastrous consequences. As demonstrated by the various “food scandals” that have been given prominence by the media. This is why prophylactic disinfestation is also recommended for foodstuffs and other valuable materials, but only if an absolutely toxicologically safe process can be used, such as CARVEX disinfestation with natural source carbon dioxide.

Why conventional disinfestation processes are problematic:

Until now, the most common treatment option has been to use insecticides or toxic gases such as methyl bromide, phosphine or hydrocyanic acid. The analysis methods currently available can detect even the smallest trace residues of these fumigation agents. The problem of residues is exacerbated in the case of products that are already compromised, e.g. due to improper disinfestation in their country of production, through the use of during cultivation, or as a result of soil and environmental pollution in the areas where they are grown.

The modern, well-informed and health-conscious consumer will no longer tolerate residues of any kind. In addition, working with these toxic gases is also problematic from the point of view of environmental protection and occupational safety.

Natural carbon dioxide eliminates insect pests without leaving residues

Raw foodstuffs contaminated by insect pests, their larvae and eggs cause extensive loss and damage. Prophylactic disinfestation can eliminate this problem, provided that the processes used are completely toxicologically and biologically safe. Traditional methods using poisons or insecticides leave residues that are becoming increasingly unacceptable in today's ecologically aware society. CARVEX technology does not impair human health or the environment. CARVEX pressurised disinfestation with natural source carbon dioxide for raw foodstuff ingredients (e.g. grains, spices, almonds, nuts, dried fruit and vegetables, certain types of vegetables, seeds and oilseeds), animal feed, tobacco, herbal teas and medicines, is not toxic. CARVEX pressurised disinfestation leaves no residues, does not impair the product, is toxicologically safe and kind to the environment. The high efficiency and ease of handling improve occupational safety. CARVEX pressurised disinfestation is officially approved.

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