CARVEX systems for any requirement

The pressurised CO2 disinfestation process works at ambient temperature and pressures of up to 30 bar. The material to be treated is put in sacks into specially designed disinfestation chambers. After the chamber is closed, it is filled with gaseous CO2 until the desired pressure is reached. After the exposure period has elapsed, the pressure in the chamber is released and the material removed.

Single chamber system

CARVEX supplies low-cost single chamber systems for sporadic use and for treating smaller volumes.

Twin chamber system

Adding a second chamber increases performance while significantly reducing the CO2 requirement.

Triple chamber system

Triple chamber systems with low running costs are also available for ongoing treatment of larger volumes. Although throughput cannot be increased any further with this configuration, CO2 consumption continues to drop.

The chambers

The chambers themselves are offered in different diameters and lengths. They can be loaded manually, or using forklifts, pallet trucks or roller conveyors. The chamber diameter depends on the packaging unit size of the products to be treated, while the length is determined by the required pressure. It is possible to treat small containers as well as entire pallets of sacks, bales etc.

Depending on requirements, the chambers can be supplied with or without a special CO2 coating on the inside. They can be fitted with one or two quick-release closures. Using a second closure allows the "contaminated zone" to be completely isolated from the "clean zone". Separating the feed side with the contaminated products from the discharge side with the treated products reliably prevents reinfestation.

CARVEX systems are flexible

Performance and cost-efficiency can be readily enhanced by increasing the number of chambers and changing the pressure level. The number of treatments per shift, and as a result the throughput of the system, can be increased by raising the pressure. Although a higher pressure level also results in a rise in CO2 consumption.

Another way of optimising CO2 input is to line the system’s dead space. The effective CO2 consumption is highly dependent on the product to be disinfested. The more compact the product, the lower the CO2 requirement.

CARVEX designs systems to meet your very specific requirements and performs installation, maintenance and servicing using trained specialists.